Poems Available Online

Poetry Society of America / “The City State”
/ five poems
The Awl
/ “Pterygium”
/ four poems
PEN Poetry Series / four poems
Map /
three poems
The Awl
/ “Pferd”
The Brooklyn Rail
/ three poems
Maggy / four poems
The Nation. (subscription) /?“Superfund”
Like Starlings / three poems
The Poetry Project Newsletter“Open House”
Boston Review / “From the History of Ideas: Paradox”
The Paris Review / “Smalltown Lift”
Lana Turner / three poems
The Destroyer
/ (with John Myers) “Weather Balloons.”

three poems reprinted at The Poetry Foundation
three more reprinted at the Academy of American Poets

Poems in Print (since 2011)

Manor House Quarterly / “Eclogue Onto an Idea”
/ “Edge of Water, Portage Bay, Washington”
/ three poems
Cincinnati Review
/ “Thank You Mood”
Denver Quarterly / two poems
A Public Space / “From the History of Ideas: Casuistry”
Poetry International / “Paranoia Places Its Faith in Exposure”
Hot Street / (with John Twice Myers) three poems

A Several World (Nightboat Books, 2014)


(Recipient of the 2014 James Laughlin Award, Named a Longlist Finalist for the 2014 National Book Award in Poetry; reviews and more on Books page.)

Not Even Then (University of California Press, 2004)


(reviews of Not Even Then by Stephen Burt in The New York Times Book Review, by Amy Schroeder in Boston Review, by Jean-Paul Pecqueur in Rain Taxi, by Paul Killebrew in the PSA’s Crossroads, by Gina Myers on H_ngm_n, and by Seth Abramson in The Huffingon Post)

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